Pharo Success Stories

Support Wizard by Thales

Support Wizard is an application developped by Pierre Laborde and Eric Le Pors, Global Design and Innovation Leaders at Thales. It is using the latest technological innovations from Pharo to create native and high-performance desktop human-machine interfaces (Bloc graphics engine, Toplo libraries and OS tools). The application is structured with the open-source component architecture framework ...
19 April 2024

ApptiveGrid - Digitize and Automatize Business Processes

ApptiveGrid is a SaaS tool to digitize and automatize business processes.On the one hand ApptiveGrid is visual database that enables you to model your database via web frontend. At the same time this model is available via REST API.On top of the data model a form creator turns your model into a form that you can send e.g. via email to inquire data from other people.On the other hand ApptiveGrid...
26 February 2024

Casino - Revolutionizing Application Migration for Berger-Levrault

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, Berger-Levrault faced a critical juncture as their applications approached maturity. With the imperative to align with new technological standards and stay ahead of the curve, the necessity for a groundbreaking solution became apparent. This is the story of how Casino, an innovative tool, not only met the challenge but exceeded expectation...
15 January 2024

Boletos, Boeing ticket system

The Boeing final assembly plant is located in Everett Washington and is the largest building by volume in the world (more infos). The factory includes final assembly lines for the venerable 747, the 777, and the new composite based 787 Dreamliner. The factory is located on Paine Field, and includes a visitor center known as the Boeing Future of Flight. The web application that handles ticket sa...
25 September 2023

PLC3000, All-in-One Solution for Teaching Factory Automation

PLC3000 is the 1st turnkey web solution for industrial automation training. It combines pedagogical content with interactive and engaging programmable simulated benches implemented using PharoJS. PLC3000 won the 3rd prize of the ESUG 2023 edition of the Innovation Technology Awards. Being 100% online, PLC3000 requires only a web browser. It can be used to teach remotely, in person or hybrid cla...
11 September 2023


Groom (gRoom) is an office allocation software that allows you to efficiently manage the allocation or reservation of available office space in a building in flex-office mode. The application provides a quick overview of all the offices and their availability on a given date or during a given period based on a map. The tool gives the possibility to reserve an office for a person (permanently, r...
5 June 2023

PaperTrail for Sea Rangers

For the Sea Rangers, we created a platform named Paper Trail in which every team member has a clear overview of all the agendas of meetings they attend. Every meeting follows our accountability format. Agenda points are easily recorded centrally by each team and after a meeting has been concluded, each member receives her action points. This creates a trail of meetings with agenda and action it...
16 November 2022


Lifeley is an agent centered IMO with technology for every part of your business. Lifeley offers end-to-end technology platform designed around the agent’s whole business. Get the tools you need to be successful in an integrated, intuitive solution.At its core Lifeley is successfully using Pharo since more than 8 years.
4 March 2022

User Interface and Interaction Prototyping for Defense

Thales Defense Mission System France team is a Thales Business Unit that is responsible for prototyping UI and Interaction of large projects for the national french defense. The following video ( shows a real simulation setup with a flight team performing surveillance tasks. The simulation lasts a full day and th...
4 March 2022

Alliance reservation network

"Our main product is a Seaside hotel booking engine which is the core product in our suite at Wyndham Destinations (our parent company who acquired us for several millions some year ago), now rebranded as Travel & Leisure. Our Seaside app does hundreds of millions a year in revenue and is to our knowledge one of the most high profile uses of Seaside there is, though we don't talk about that mu...
4 March 2022

UX and advanced user interfaces at Thales

Pharo is super cool to design user experience (UX). We were looking for a language that can be modified on the fly with our clients. This lets us design their needs and constraints live with them: Pharo does it and does is better than others: dynamic modificaiton, without having to recompile, to refresh (F5 key is dated). In addition the super simple Pharo syntax is easily understood by our cli...
6 July 2020


HoneyGinger is a fluid dynamics simulation engine focused on interactivity and visualization developed by O. Tomohiro from Software Research Associates, Inc.Like other SPH (Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics) based simulators, HoneyGinger computes motions of particles by approximated Navier-Stokes equations. Other than simply drawing dots for particle positions, HoneyGinger renders grids of veloci...
31 May 2019


OpenPonk is an open conceptual modelling platform. It started as an experimental project exploring a possiblity to complement Eclipse EMF and GMF by a more concise, comprehensible and expressive alternative. The hypothesis was that it can be achieved by leveraging Pharo's straight-forward dynamic purely object-oriented language instead of Java's torpour and ceremony.OpenPonk leverages Roassal (...
5 April 2019


RMapViewer is a tool for chemists to visualise and analyse chemical reaction maps composing of isomers and the reaction pathways between them explored by the GRRM (Global Reaction Route Mapping) software package. The user with RMapViewer can search for particular isomers that matches against several chemical structural descriptors, such as (1) SMILES, (2) InChI, and (3) CAST, as well as (4) to...
21 November 2018

Mobility Map

Mobility Map is a broker for mobility services. It offers multi-modal routing search enabling users to find the best travel options between locations. Travel options include car sharing, bikes, trains, busses etc. Rented cars can be offered for ride sharing on booking time letting other people find it to participate in the ride. Single travel options are combined in travel plans that can be boo...
8 October 2018

Handling Travel Expenses with Spesenfuchs

Spesenfuchs is a responsive web application for travel expenses according to the German tax law. It allows users to create travel expense reports and get insights of their trips. It is designed for small business and has its focus on being user friendly and easy to use. Compared to the often used excel sheets for travel expenses, it provides always the current rates and can be used during the b...
1 October 2018


Mercap Abbaco is a bond calculator for expert investors.Abbacco is a “personal research tool for making intelligent decisions”.Features include:Calculation and comparison for the yield of sovereign and corporate bonds under different market conditions.Analysis and comparison of yield by Fixed Income asset class with advanced charts, cash flow and the latest m...
22 September 2018


Lawsuit tracker is a desktop application to follow trials and do reporting/liquidation of them. It has a customer designed DSL for querying and it exports data to PDF and CSV. Lawsuit tracker is actively used dayly by around 20 users. In its 5 years of usage it has not need maintaining more than two times. Lawsuit Tracker has been developed using Pharo, Glamour, Magritte and Voyage."Pharo lets ...
20 July 2018


Daywork ( is a new czech web portal designed to simplify searching for temporary jobs and workers. Workers are notified of jobs matching their skills and requirements, reducing the effort needed to find the best one. Companies may select the right candidate based on rating and reviews from other companies.The portal recently went into production and attracts more and more pot...
15 June 2018


Grafoscopio Grafoscopio is a moldable and versatile tool for literate computing that allows one to mix prose, data, code, visualizations into interactive reproducible documents, raging from single notebooks to complete books.Using Grafoscopio, Data Week is a recurrent workshop+hackathon, where participants learn how to use, adapt and modify Grafoscopio, to create their data narratives and custo...
4 May 2018

Role Playing Assistant

ERA ( is a software assistant for tabletop role-playing games. The current version has support for Rolemaster (both RMC and RMFRP variants, with upcoming support for RMU). It handles character creation through a step-by-step wizard; covers all needs during an adventure session: attacks, maneuver and spell resolution; and shows updated character status through...
1 April 2018

Social Data Journalism with Pharo

I am assistant professor and researcher in Communication studies at the University of Burgundy in Dijon. My researches are mostly focused on the evolution of social mobilisation and citizen engagement at the age of the Internet. I try to better understand the impacts of digital practices on the emerging and building processes of social critique.I have recently worked on a new research exploring...
24 February 2018


Contestia ( is a general-purpose Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platform following a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. It has been developed by http://www.osoco.esOur first MVP (Contestia Darwin) is aimed to help hosting startup contests and hackathons. You start defining the input form. Once you start receiving applications, you invite evaluators to work on them...
9 September 2017


CliPro is a surgery appointment planner for an eye surgery clinic. It is web based and enables all employees to work with by using a web browser. The backend system interfaces a legacy patient management system and microsoft exchange calendars as data sources.CliPro finds, based on doctors working schedule and type of surgery, the best possible date for a planned surgery. Phases of a surgery a ...
20 May 2017


iPOS, integrated Points Of Sales, is a complete integrated solution to manage points of sales. iPOS is a very flexible and adaptable to various operational needs to answer at the different customer requirements.With iPOS you can manage orders using mobile devices connected via wifi, select the products according to functional classification considered the most useful (for the restaurant: drinks...
12 April 2017

ATMs in Moscow streets

From 2008 to 2015 ATMs deployed in Moscow streets were developed and run using Pharo. People use them to pay for services with cash and cards (phone, internet, taxes, parking, etc)."Pharo was a really enabling technology. We developed user interfaces using advanced flow control based on continuations and mixed prototype with class-based programming. We supported various kind of equipment and a...
2 March 2017

321via is a free swiss platform for learning the Italian language. Italian is one out of four swiss national languages. The platform's intention is to help the swiss people in learning the Italian language by doing e-lessons with content from the Italian part of Switzerland.The platform went online in fall 2016 and has won an international e-learning prize from the IELA E-Learning Associ...
3 February 2017


ALLSTOCKER ( is the Asia's largest online marketplace for industrial machinery such as construction equipment and agricultural machinery. A Japanese startup called SORABITO Inc. is developing and operating it. The beta version of ALLSTOCKER was released in March, 2015, and it was officially launched in November, 2015. Construction equipment, in demand for building and roa...
26 September 2016


Lam Research, a leading supplier of wafer fabrication equipment and services to the global semiconductor industry, is an experienced user of the Smalltalk programming language. Smalltalk is a key component in Lam's software control system for a broad range of the equipment it manufactures. Tudor Girba is a leading member of the tools and environment development effort in Pharo, having architect...
25 August 2016


Sysmocom is a leading provider of Free Software Mobile Communication solutions. In 2012 we have started a long term project to develop a complete ASN1, TCAP, MAP, CAP, GSN stack using the Pharo Object Environment. We have decided to use Pharo because of the increased productivity, the great tooling, the live inspection and if necessary modification of a running system to deploy a critical bugfi...
21 May 2016

Programmable Logic Controllers

IDE4PLC ( is a programming environment for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), a family of embedded computers widely used for automation tasks in industrial environments. It supports the graphical language Ladder, allowing a user experience similar to that given by mainstream commercial tools. IDE4PLC is based on an abstract model of controller, what enables it...
26 February 2016


FINWorks provides online system services in the Financial Services industry. FINWorks started out as a consulting company in 2005. It provided outsourced development services from 2006 (in Smalltalk mostly). In 2007 the company started the development of its own system, in Smalltalk. FINWorks gradually improved and expanded our system and through the years the business moved...
18 October 2015


Phratch is a visual programming language based on Scratch ( on top of Pharo. More than just an overlay, the goal of Phratch is to bring closer the visual blocks and the language. Phratch is highly extensible, which makes it easy to implement new blocks and new features. The main goal of Phratch is to become a robotics development environment for n...
1 October 2015


Cable eXpertise is a system for monitoring a network headend for small ISPs. It provides a high level dashboard with key indicators colored according to a policy that looks on the condition of the parts making up each top level element from which the user can then drill down. Based on a configuration tree for the equipment configuration, it provides an inspector-style UI to explore various cont...
10 August 2015


The Citroen Multicity partner platform was a system for geo-fence based marketing in the car rental market. It enabled companies to place shops and offers onto a city map to be advertized when customers are nearby. On occurrences like the return of a rental car the system will figure out nearby advertisements and will contact the customer via mobile phone to send an offer. Received messages can...
15 July 2015


Pharo @ Beta NineSince 2010, Pharo is an important part of the technology stack of Beta Nine for the development and daily operation of the T3 Platform.From the REST back end for T3 Easy to the T3 Mobile responsive mobile first web app, over binary protocol proxies to the data mining for housekeeping, bookkeeping & invoicing, and prototyping for new product development, Pharo has proven itself ...
2 June 2015


Quuve is a portfolio management and research platform for securities investors. It is a virtualized, scaleable, web application developed with Pharo and deployed on GemStone/S. Quuve is a product of Debris Publishing, Inc..The initial vision for Quuve in 1996 was an economics simulator for the purposes of investing. In 1998 the first steps were taken to model businesses using spreadsheets for t...
13 April 2015


iBizLog was an eCommerce of eCommerces. Everything you can find in a professional eCommerce.CustomizationShopping CartSales TrackingEasily scalableIt was developed by one person in six months, one third of the time and people estimated on other platforms. - Esteban Lorenzano, CTO
28 March 2015

Efficient Event Planning with YesPlan

Yesplan ( is versatile software for efficient event planning, built with Pharo, the Seaside web application framework and GemStone/S.Yesplan came into being as a result of Arts Centre Vooruit’s search for good software to support its activities. Because it couldn’t find any solutions which were suited to the specific characteristics of the planning process for events, ...
23 January 2015


Pharocloud is a Platform-as-a-Service provider which gives Pharo developers a tool for deployment of web applications in cloud. Our aim is to make a process of web application running regardless of its complexity as easy as making a couple of clicks. Pharocloud provides a developer with Pharo itself and the whole infrastructure needed for complex web-applications like databases, file storages a...
14 January 2015


Dr. Geo is an open, easy to study, modify and extend interactive geometry software working on most platforms and tablets and even XO. It is distributed with its source code that you can modify while using it. Dr. Geo XO bundle was downloaded more than 180'000 times! And DrGeo won several prizes. Ten years old kids use Dr. Geo to explore Euclidean geometric sketch, agile kids extend and program ...
6 January 2015

Pinesoft PostId and MBagger

Post-ID and MBagger are developed by Post-ID supports scanning addresses and information about postal items efficiently. MBagger is a standalone product to copy address labels quickly and efficiently, offering a 100% return on investment typically within 100 hours of use. Both are based on the Pinesoft toolkit.We have worked with Pinesoft over several years and it hel...
7 December 2014

Object Profile

Object Profile is a company founded in 2012 that develops code software engineerings tools for VisualWorks and Pharo programmers. Users of Object Profile range from academic research group to large coorporations.Object Profile main products are Inti and Roassal. Inti is a graphical and interactive facade for the textual Smalltalk profiler. Roassal is an agile visualization engine to "paint" obj...
7 December 2014

Pharo in the Bank

CSOB Financial Markets and KBC Research mobile applications provide everyday news and broad analysis from financial markets, annual and quarterly forecasts, calendar of important events from markets, FX and interest rates. They are free of charge for Android and iOS (CSOB Financial Markets apps Android / iOS KBC Research apps Android / iOS). They serve more than 5000 users daily.All mobile app...
20 November 2014


Airflowing was a web application that provides management to service companies. With simplicity in mind, it allows your operations team to coordinate jobs and tasks across different teammates and have all your clients' jobs organized in one place. It allows you to send estimates, outsource jobs and also keep all its financials clearly and easily organized.The history here in the company is divi...
20 October 2014


VBridge was a webapp to select job agencies.
7 October 2014

Sirop is a publish & search web platform for scientific projects (Master, Bachelor, PhD, etc.). It has more than 6000 registered users (Scientists & students) and several thousand unregistered public users (Students)It has extended and simple search interfaces. User can save his search queries and create RSS/XHTML/XML-Feeds.– It supports I18n for GUI and data objects. All c...
12 September 2014


GetItMade was a platform to support crowdfunding for innovators. It was developed in 2010 in a couple of months. It proposed batch production, selling before, no loss of IP, serve the long tail & niche markets.It was built in Pharo and based on the Pier CMS with the Magritte meta model and Seaside 3.0, JQuery UI. Pier gave a competitive advantage for building it: It supports restful url handli...
12 September 2014


Synectique is a company founded in 2013. The company proposes innovative solutions to understand and maintain software, and manage software quality. Synectique, harnessing the power of meta-tools and more than 35 years of experience offers tools specifically adapted for clients' needs of software analysis and enable decision. Inventive Toolkit, Synectique solution, integrates several tools for ...
12 September 2014


Reflex vacances was a french platform for holiday rentals.
12 September 2014


This is an iOS/Android application with backend developed in Pharo.<iframe allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" class="video-embed" frameborder="0" height="375" mode="transparent" src=";version=3&amp;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0&amp;wmode=transparent" type="text/html" webkitallowfullscreen="true" width="615" wmode="transparent"></iframe>
12 September 2014


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>The world’s first online platform fully supporting risk-based test management.NoRizzk is an innovative platform for risk-based test management.
14 August 2014


"The experience with Pharo exceeded our own expectations. During the sales phase we were able to prototype a working version of the product while our competition was still sketching PowerPoint presentations. Once we went into production the servers ran uninterruptedly for months, without a single glitch nor downtime." - Esteban A. Maringolo (CTO)TrentoSur is a company funded in 2013 that devel...
30 July 2014