Both bug fixes as well as improvements end up as Pull Requests on Github:

Can I help with Code Review?

There are three ways to do code review:

  • Github can present a diff. For trivial changes (typos, added ducumentation, in general very simple changes), it can actually be enough to look at the diff.
  • Another way is to download an image bootstrapped from that PR. Next to the commits you have a validation status (red cross here), click on it, go to "Artifacts" and then download the image (something like bootstrap-cache/
  • Use the Pull request review tool from within Pharo.

The PR review Tool

If you want to use the PR review tool, you should have own fork and local repository

  • register your local Pharo repository copy to Iceberg
  • in the "Remotes" open context menu on the pharo-project remote (not origin, which is probably our fork)
  • GitHub - Review pull requests...
  • open context menu on an issue and select "Review pull request..."
  • select the newest commit and check changes
  • to test it locally, do "Merge into image", answer "Yes"

How can I improve other peoples Pull requests?

If you then want to propose a modification fo the PR, you already have a branch from the PR merging.

  • do your change and synchronize the repository so your branch will be present on your fork.
  • then go to "Remotes" tab, open context menu on the remote that has the branch (it will be created during merging of the PR into your image) and then do pull request.
  • in Head select your fork and your issue branch name
  • in Base select the repository and the issue branch name
  • click on Create Pull request