www.321via.ch is a free swiss platform for learning the Italian language. Italian is one out of four swiss national languages. The platform's intention is to help the swiss people in learning the Italian language by doing e-lessons with content from the Italian part of Switzerland.

The platform went online in fall 2016 and has won an international e-learning prize from the IELA E-Learning Association.

Users can quickly register by login through Facebook, Google or directly on the platform and start doing lessons, keep track of their results and collecting them in their portfolio and download a PDF certificate. For teachers there are many special functions to use the platform within their classroom.

There is a backend for the e-lesson editors, who can create the lessons with a specialized webbased construction tool. They can composite a lesson from many exercise building blocks.

Technically it is developped on Pharo 4 and runs on GemStone on the production server. We use Seaside and Pillar as external libraries.

3 February 2017