Pinesoft PostId and MBagger

Post-ID and MBagger are developed by Post-ID supports scanning addresses and information about postal items efficiently. MBagger is a standalone product to copy address labels quickly and efficiently, offering a 100% return on investment typically within 100 hours of use. Both are based on the Pinesoft toolkit.

We have worked with Pinesoft over several years and it helps that they are familiar with our business as well as our technology requirements. Paul Taylor, CEO, Swiss Post

The Pinesoft toolkit has a modular architecture, where each module, referred to as a processor, represents a different part of a process flow. Unique applications are created by selecting a collection of processors, configuring how each processor behaves, and deciding how the selected output or selection of outputs of a processor are mapped, (“wired”), to the selected input(s) of another or other connected processor(s).

7 December 2014