Role Playing Assistant

ERA ( is a software assistant for tabletop role-playing games. The current version has support for Rolemaster (both RMC and RMFRP variants, with upcoming support for RMU). It handles character creation through a step-by-step wizard; covers all needs during an adventure session: attacks, maneuver and spell resolution; and shows updated character status through a mobile site. The base product is free, with several paid modules available to add more content: There is a playlist of tutorial videos on YouTube:

"ERA is developed in Pharo, using Seaside, RenoirSt, Willow, FUEL, XMLParser, XMLPullParser and OSProcess. Without the continuous development of Pharo, and the many features developed and maintained by its active community, ERA couldn't have reached the level of maturity it has today. It is developed as a side project, only with spare time, and still it is a commercial product. I am glad to be able to work on a development environment that is constantly improving, with new ideas and better support for the developers." said M. Tabacman

1 April 2018